The Researcher

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I am Sarah Deming, a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at Washington State University researching the intersection of motherhood and women’s paid work.  As a wise professor of mine once stated: “you either study what you are or what you’re afraid you might become.” Indeed, I am a working (and student) mother to three sons who spent several years out of the paid workforce, a few years working part-time from home, and then gradually built a full-time business before going back to school to pursue a graduate degree (while maintaining a few side-hustle paid gigs, because I am also a masochist).

Through my research, I aim to move the needle on how the transition to parenthood disproportionately impacts mothers–especially in their ability to arrive at arrangements of caretaking + breadwinning that align with their ambitions.


The trio who impacted my *own* paid work

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